Acacia Adirondack chair, Accent table and footstool


C-519: 28×33.5×38″H
T-519: 18×18.5×18″H
S-519: 21.75×21.75×13.5″HC-53931: (oiled)
T-53933: (oiled)
S-53932: (oiled)

Acacia Rocker


R-525: 25.75×35.75×44.5″H

R-53930 (oiled)

Acacia Adirondack Rocker


R-54203: 28×35.5×37″H

R-53934 (oiled)

Acacia Jumbo Rocker

  R-54209: 26.25x36x47″H

Acacia – 2 people folding swing


SW-53943: 48x26x21″H

SW-53941 (oiled)

Acacia – 3 people folding swing


SW-53944: 63.5x26x21″H

SW-53942 (oiled)

2 people X back swing


SW-54212: 46x24x21″H

SW-54213 (white)

Acacia steamer chair – Oiled



C-53912: 22×69.25×36.25″H

Acacia square folding accent table – oiled

  OT-53938: 19x19x17.75″H

Acacia stacking arm chair

  C-53914: 24.5×23.25×35.25″H

Acacia curved side chair – oiled

  C-53916: 19.75×22.75×35.5″H

Acacia lattice back arm chair – oiled

  C-53917: 23.25×24.5×34.25″H

Acacia side chair – oiled

  C-53935: 18.5×21.75×35.5″H

Acacia 5 position chair- oiled

  C-53936: 23x27x43″H

Acacia 48” round table with umbrella cutout – oiled

  T-53918: 48x48x29.5″H

Acacia rectangular table with umbrella cutout – oiled

  T-53929: 59×35.5×29.5″H

Acacia 38” round bar table with umbrella cutout – oiled

  T-53926: 38x38x42″H

(shown with S-53928)

Acacia 30” barstool with arms – oiled

  S-53925: 25×24.5×47.5″H

Acacia 3-“ folding stool – oiled

  S-53928: 17.5×21.25×44.5″H

Acacia 2 seater Marlborough bench


BE-54312: 65.75x24x41″H

BE-53920 (oiled)

BE-54311 (white)

Acacia 3 seater bench- oiled

  BE-53922: 64×25.5×37″H

Acacia 2 seater X-back bench- oiled

  BE-53923: 45.75x24x34.25″H

Acacia 3 seater X-back bench – oiled

  BE-53924: 60x24x34.25″H

Acacia 2 seater bench – oiled

  BE-53937: 48.5x26x37″H

Acacia 3 seater bench with pop-up table – oiled

  BE-53968: 64×25.5×37.25″H
Pop-up Table: 19×16″


Available Outdoor finishes